Grant Southam has nearly 20 years experience as a freelance commercial photographer with a skill level that has resulted in building a client base that ranges from some of New Zealand’s leading corporate clients right through to small and medium enterprises.

Grant Southam only works business to business meaning that his specialty areas are kept just that….specialties.

Grant Southam totally understands that the goal is to make his client’s products and services stand out and that first impressions really do count, which is so vital in a world bombarded with imagery. You get just one chance to form that first impression.

Grant Southam has a bold and innovative approach to photography that keeps evolving over time so that his work always reflects what has been described as “ a totally up to date style with it’s own flavour “.

One of Grant Southam’s key to such success is his innate ability to transfer the client’s brief into images that not only consistently fulfill expectations but exceed them. Even if the client only has a rough outline of what is required Grant will always have creative ideas and suggestions. He is a team player when working with clients but is also more than happy to be “left to it” after the brief has been finalized.

Grant Southam is totally dedicated to his craft and backs up his superb skills behind the camera with a level of service that also exceeds expectations.

Grant Southams people skills extraordinaire not only ensure the best possible outcome but his clients, (and their clients ) thoroughly enjoy the experience and regularly refer him on to their colleagues.

Prepare to be impressed.


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